Ashley Johnson's Pike remains 'Vox Machina' MVP

Pike's faith makes her the Vox Machina's moral compass. Her awesome tomahawk didn't hurt, though.

Editor's note: The following article contains spoilers for Episodes 1 to 3 of The Legend of Vox Machina Season 2.

A little dwarf with a huge heart. Here's a quick rundown of Pike Trickfoot (Ashley Johnson), one of seven main characters in Prime Video's animated series The Legend of Vox Machina. The divine healer's season 1 arc saw her torn between her faith and her friends before realizing the two weren't so incompatible after all. The season 2 premiere didn't hesitate to throw the Vox Machina once again at a very bloody wolf -- or, in this case, a dragon -- and this time, Pike's brave nature was revealed with unhesitating clarity. The goal is to unite emotionally dispersed groups.

Pike's Emotional Journey in Season 1 of 'The Legend of Vox Machina'

In the final minutes of The Voice of the Machine season 1, episode 4, Pike parted ways with the Voice of the Machine while her fellow mercenary left to help Percy De Rollo (Tarierson Jay Fei) to retake his ancestral homeland. As part of a religious group, Pike is one of the few with healing powers. She's disorientated, and, what's more, after Delilah Blairwood's (Grey Griffin) necromancy shatters the holy symbol Pike uses to draw power from her god Friends are good for nothing. When her fervent prayers fail to reconnect, she's not sure whether to visit a temple dedicated to Eternal Light If Delilah cursed her, or if Pike somehow angered Everglow.

Narrative action reflects Johansson's absence from the early key role live due to previous commitments, but separating Pike in "The Legend of the Machine", making her a richer character in Season 1 than her counterpart, Percy except. With no pike as a safety net, Vox Machina's rivalry with a pair of seasoned foes raises the stakes for each of them; if someone falls in battle, there's little chance of resurrection.

After several attempts to understand her plight, the Everlight guides Pike on a path of self-acceptance. In a way, the gnome is really the problem ("It's me, hi..."). As early as the first episode of The Legend of Vox Machina, she displayed comic uncertainty about her beliefs when she was asked to bless a family, and she admitted to seeing her rowdy misadventures with Vox Machina as a kind of sin. But despite Pike's subconscious misgivings, Everlight assures her that Pike's dedication to helping others can definitely coexist with drunken bar brawls, creative swearing, and gleefully smashing enemies' skulls -- a subtle refreshed. Rejuvenated Pike reunites with her friends and proves herself A formidable opponent, wielding the full power of Everlight at once.

Pike Refuses to Run Away in Season 2 of 'The Legend of Vox Machina'

Despite her experience as a successful fighter, Vox Machina is unable to do anything but run for her life in The Legend of Vox Machina Season 2, as the Chroma Conclave destroys the city of Amon and kills countless innocents. Forced to flee to Whitestone to seek reprieve, the group debate their next move: fight or flight? Scanlan (Sam Riggle) advocates giving up the hopeless struggle. An exasperated Pike accuses him of cowardice and defiance (“I thought we stopped running from our problems.”). As he pushes the point further, Pike considers it a stroke of luck to kill the dragon Brimscythe (David Tennant) in season one, and Pike silently gazes at her reflection in a glass of wine. It was an unspoken moment of doubt, but Jihad assured the team and herself that they would find a way; Vox Machina is that tenacious.

Pike's brief hesitant course is corrected upon reaching Wasserheim, the most powerful city on the neighboring continent of Isilah and home to numerous religions. Given the city's public commitment to its faith, visiting has always been one of Pike's dreams. Almost bouncing on Grog's (Travis Standing outside the gates of Vasselheim, her tacit optimism soaring, Willingham snatched it from Percy's eager hands by appointing herself Vox Machina's envoy to the city's officials. diplomatic opportunities.

It doesn't matter if this decision was Pike's arrogance or naivety. She presents herself to the city leader, Marshal Dawn, with pious professionalism and appeals to their shared values ​​by saying that "this evil must be met with holiness." But in a blow to Pike's idealism, the Overseers of Wasserheim operate as isolationists. They refuse to intervene unless the Supreme Council reaches their door.

Pike Is Vox Machina's Moral Compass

Pike is outraged by the moral corruption of the Faith's advocates. "They have a duty to do justice," she said angrily, reaffirming her strong commitment to serve her God by protecting the innocent. It also highlights the disparity between the best armed city in the world and Pike, a small midget with a big heart and no army other than her six friends. An ordinary person is a true defender of pious principles, not a religious official who is pious on the outside but selfish on the inside.

However, Pike's journey was far from complete. When Sphinx Odisha (Alanna Ubach) called her "incurably holy The Warrior" fears she won't be able to fully protect the one she loves, which is proof enough that several of Pike's character threads are still ready to be unraveled. Until then, Orsisa orders the Vox Machina to leave with their dignity. Pike grabs her Everlight's Symbolic and furious, "Fucking Dignity. I won't leave, I won't give up, until someone listens. "She doesn't care if she dies, but she won't go unnoticed. Pike is once again Vox Machina's moral voice, reminding them why the search for Odisha began with - to protect the helpless. In a powerful moment, when they silently but firmly Their downcast faces turned defiant as they rallied behind Pike. ^Appropriately, that's what the Sphinx was waiting to hear. Orsisa, as well as Pike, drew from Vox Machina "Willing to Give It All": Confronting the Chroma Conclave And the attitude necessary for any hope of survival.^ With the goal of safety and shifting character priorities, Vox Machina's saga episode 3 limited Pike's contribution at the time. Nevertheless, Everlight's astral projection ability provided heroes with Pike's eyes Provided information about the operations of the Conclave. She wept when the leader of the Conclave, Sodak (Lance Reddick), slaughtered the new People, she couldn't save them.

The first episode of season 2 showed Pike more determined in her purpose and personality, even as she was contemplating an evil beyond her current powers to defeat. Smart and effective writing highlights the idealism, righteous rage and innate devotion that make her the secret (and not-so-small) emotional core of The Voice of the Machine Saga. Having the award-winning fame of Ashley Johnson, the original Ellie from The Last of Us video games, behind the mic is a huge bonus.

What's Next for Pike in the Fight Against the Chroma Conclave?

New episodes of The Legend of Vox Machina air every Friday on Prime Video.

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