Amanda Waller Spinoff Hires 'Doom Patrol' Creator Jeremy Carver

He joins Crystal Henry, who is already obsessed with writing the "Waller" spinoff.

Less than a week after news broke that Doom Patrol season 4 is coming to an end, series creator Jeremy Carver has found his next project in the DC universe. In a super-secret meeting to reveal the roster of upcoming DC projects, newly formed DC Studios co-heads Peter Safran and James Gunn revealed that Carver will be teaming up with Watchmen writer Krystal Henry for the upcoming The Peacemaker spin-off Waller. As the title suggests, Waller will see Viola Davis return as the titular Amanda Waller -- a role she's played in several projects.

The Amanda Waller spinoff was actually greenlit back in May of last year, with Henry taking on the role of writer and executive producer following the success of Gunn's Peacemaker series on HBO Max. In a press release, Gunn confirmed the series, "[I] will also have some of the team from Peacemaker as regulars on the show. It's basically a follow-up to Peacemaker." He also shared his enthusiasm for the project , he said: "I think it's really good, and HBO loves it."

While Peacemaker Season 2 may be a ways off, Safran explains that Waller will effectively bridge the gap Between seasons, says, "the series will sit between Peacemaker season 1 and Peacemaker season 2." plan, jokingly, Waller is "because I don't have time to do Peacemaker Season 2". In fact, it's been a while since we've had word about a second season of Peacemaker, Gunn reassuring fans of its fate last summer, when things were looking pretty bleak for the DC Universe.

Davis first played Amanda Waller in 2016's Suicide Squad, and then reprises her role in Gunn's film of the same name. She appeared in many follow-up projects, including Black Adam and Peacemaker. She's the mastermind behind Suicide Squad, and she works tirelessly to oversee not only the squad's operations, but her little corner of the government bureaucracy. She's not one to be provoked or challenged.

Jeremy Caver's Work After Doom Patrol

Carver also worked on the Dead Boy Detectives spinoff green-lit by HBO Max last year. Filming reportedly began last November, but updates have been few and far between since Lucas Gage joined the cast. This The series was born out of Doom Patrol season 3's backdoor pilot and an adaptation of Neil Gaiman's graphic novel of the same name, which exists in the Sandman universe (actually part of the DC Comics universe). Dead Boy Detectives was nowhere to be seen at this week's press conference, leaving its fate in limbo. ^Waller's release date has yet to be confirmed, but we hope its theme song is as catchy as Peacemaker's.

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