10 Underrated Romantic Comedies That Ended Beautifully

I'm not crying - you're crying!

Romance has been a fascinating genre for years. Real-world relationships aren't always fairy tales, and what's better than escaping to the world of romantic movies where everything is cute. Combine that with comedic elements and you have the perfect combination of genres for the story and the audience to immerse themselves in for hours.

Romantic comedies, better known as "rom-coms", dominated the movie game, producing many notable films such as How to Lose a Man in 10 Days or Roman Holiday. However, some rom-coms are seriously underrated and worthy of mass consumption. From friend-to-lovers tropes all the way to LGBTQ+ love stories, these underrated rom-coms are made all the more memorable by their beautiful endings.

'Fools Rush In' (1997)

A New Yorker named Alex Whitman (Matthew Perry) oversees a construction project in Las Vegas. There, he meets Isabel Fuentes (Salma Hayek), whose one-night romance is ignited by some crucial chemistry. However, Isabelle is pregnant. Alex proposes to her on a whim, but as Alex and Isabel soon discover, with marriage comes a compromise of their own cultural heritage.

A combination of Mexican and American cultures, and When West Coast meets East Coast, Fools Rush In simply showcases the best and funniest aspects of each. Great performances from Hayek and Perry make this movie so special. Their whole relationship is so out of place and unconventional that the ending will bring you to tears.

'Seeking a Friend for the End of the World' (2012)

When it is announced that a massive asteroid will destroy Earth in less than a month, Dodge (Steve Carell) is abandoned after his wife flees in a panic. He decides to visit his high school sweetheart on the way. His bold young neighbor Penny (Keira Knightley) accompanies him on a road trip that ultimately changes the way they think about what little life they have left.

Quirky, offbeat, cute, funny and smart are some of the words to describe this dark comedy-filled film. With the end of the world looming, Carell and Knightley try to shed light on their bleak future. Moonlighting as a rom-com, Finding Friends for the End of the World is actually a stunningly emotional film, though the textbook unhappy ending is arguably the right ending. The tear-jerking final moment strikes You're right where it matters - the heart.

'The Rebound' (2009)

Sandy (Catherine Zeta-Jones) moves to the city after learning of her husband's affair. She meets Aram (Justin Bartha), a worker at the coffee shop below her apartment whose wife married him just to get a green card. The two got along so well that when she returned to work for the first time postpartum, she asked him to be her child's nanny. The two start dating, but both wonder, is their relationship real, or are they just taking it as a rebound?

One of the best chick flicks, The Rebound relies heavily on the real chemistry between Zeta-Jones and Bartha. Audiences will love the signature one-liners performed by the kids, and the realistic approach to the rom-com genre. While it's unknown whether they end up together, viewers can take comfort in the fact that these two learn to live on their own and embrace their new lives.

'Penelope' (2006)

A modern romance, Penelope (Christina Ricci) recounts a young girl's inspiring journey, a mysterious family secret, and the power of love. At the critical moment, in order for Penelope to break the family curse, She must find true love "of her own kind". Disappointed by the endless stream of suitors, Penelope decides to do it herself.

This is a great way to embrace the recurring idea of ​​accepting who you are rather than what you are. It's very visually appealing, full of slapstick humor and brilliantly written. Ridge is skilled in acting and has strong acting skills. All the way to the fairytale ending of the film, he has achieved an unconventional fairytale movie.

'Love & Basketball' (2000)

Monica Wright (Sana Raison) and Quincy McCall (Omar Epps) grew up in the same area and have known each other since childhood. They fell in love growing up, but they also had a second, equally strong passion in common: basketball. Through high school and college basketball, they eventually pursue different career paths, hoping to become major league pros.

Audiences who thought "Love and Basketball" would be a typical jock flick with the romance on the back burner were dead wrong. Refusing to be fixed as one thing, Love & Basketball is a great blend of all the different things Elements of a typical romantic comedy. A true love story with a beautiful ending that makes sense for the characters involved.

'Set It Up' (2018)

Two overworked assistants, Harper (Zoe Deutch) and Charlie (Glenn Powell), realize that if they appease their demanding bosses (Lucy Liu and Taye Diggs), their lives will change more easily. With their plan working, the two have to do whatever they can to keep the ruse going. Meanwhile, Harper and Charlie slowly realize they could be right for each other.

Deutsch shines in her lead role as an eccentric aspiring writer who cries at a sports game, and Powell is excellent as a man struggling to figure out what he really wants in life. With plenty of comedy and great background characters, Set It Up is a great rom-com with a perfect ending that will leave viewers happy and satisfied.

'Leap Year' (2010)

A woman (Amy Adams) makes a complicated plan to propose to her partner on Leap Day, because according to Irish tradition, a man who receives a proposal on Leap Day must accept it. However, her plans are derailed when inclement weather threatens her plans Cancellation of trip to Dublin. Still, with the help of her grumpy shop owner (Matthew Goode), she might end up getting engaged on her cross-country trip.

This rom-com is cute and funny. Sometimes, it's ridiculous. On the other hand, two extreme opposites come together in an unlikely way, and the leap year ending is something to witness. Furthermore, viewers will thus be inspired to visit Ireland.

'Imagine Me & You' (2005)

Soon-to-be-married Rachel (Piper Perabo) sees Ruth (Lena Headey) in the audience and is immediately smitten with her. The two women become fast friends, and when Rachel finds out that Luce is a lesbian, she realizes that she's in love with Luce despite being happily married to Heck (Matthew Goode). Rachel must choose between a committed partnership with Heck and an exciting new friendship with Luce as she grapples with her own sexual identity.

Imagine Me & You is everything a romantic comedy should be: cute, unique, full of hilarious and enjoyable scenes, built on a solid plot and starring a great cast. Centering on a lesbian relationship, the film handles it tastefully and manages to present a Ending it, while it may hurt some people, is the right thing to do for all involved.

'The Proposal' (2009)

When pushy boss Margaret (Sandra Bullock) faces deportation for an overstayed visa, she hatches a plan to marry her assistant Andrew (Ryan Reynolds). Andrew was promised he would get a promotion. Immigration agents are skeptical of their case, and the pair fly to Andrew's hometown for his grandmother's 90th birthday. In Sitka, Alaska, mom, dad and grandma waited to welcome the couple.

Charming and sweet romance mixed with heavy laughter, Proposal is the perfect rom-com. Bullock and Reynolds provide funny and tender moments, the two bring the film home, and a great ending that makes us all want to be proposed so we can keep dating the love of our lives.

'Love, Rosie' (2014)

Rosie Dunne (Lily Collins) and Alex Stewart (Sam Claflin) were childhood friends. However, as they navigate life, they often find themselves falling apart. When it comes to relationships, the two find themselves with all the wrong people. These two are each other's worst enemies when it comes to love, life and making the right choices.

More people don't know this movie is a sin. A heartfelt and sincere film about the love between two best friends, Love, Rosie is completely underrated. There is a genuinely loving relationship between the protagonists of Collins and Claflin. We see both of them doing countless selfless things for each other during difficult times. Love sweeps from the screen to the audience, leaving them cheering when they finally come together in the heartwarming finale.

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