10 Underrated Female Characters on 'Game of Thrones'

They are gone too soon!

The hit TV show "Game of Thrones" is known for its large cast, which includes a large number of female characters. Not all of them play powerful characters like Daenerys the Dragon queen, Arya the Night King slayer, or the brave knight Brienne or the quick-witted Sansa, but their roles have contributed to the show's widespread popularity and success. contribute.

Due to the important roles they play, some characters will no doubt rank higher than others in the series. However, that doesn't mean that unpopular characters should be ignored. While some of these women are heroes and some are villains, they all play a major role in shaping the plot of this thrilling fantasy series. Septa Unella, Margaery, Meera Reed, Osha and others may not be main characters or popular heroines, but they are stronger than many imagine and deserve more recognition.


While some may see Rose as little more than a whore, she plays an important role in providing important information and advancing the plot. The prostitute known for her beauty met various lords and had insight into the movements of Westeros. In the first season, viewers learned of the impending war On the way to King's Landing, she talks north with Theon. Also, it was through her that Petyr Baelish's crush on Catelyn Stark was exposed.

Ros (Esme Bianco) goes from fulfilling a nudity quota to a real character loved by some. There are many theories about Rose's role in Game of Thrones, but the truth is that she is a key plot device in this story, and many parts of the story cannot be fully understood without her. Despite being used as a pawn in the show's political games, Rose shouldn't have met her violent death at the hands of Joffrey.

Yara Greyjoy

Badass Yara Greyjoy (Gemma Whelan) is one of Game of Thrones' underrated heroes. Yara embodies strength, loyalty, and courage, and she's not for wimps. Despite being a woman, the Ironborn warrior fought valiantly for her kingdom, even allying with Daenerys to secure her people's long-sought independence.

It is undeniable that Yara Greyjoy is one of the smartest and strongest female characters in Game of Thrones, and she deserves more credit for that. Despite her limited screen time, her presence was palpable when she finally appeared Appeared in season two.

Septa Unella

Cersei is deposed and the High Sparrow takes control of Westeros. Faith radicals, also known as "sparrows," may be chaste, but they're just as brutal. Cersei experiences their brutality firsthand when she is captured and thrown in a cell by Unella (Hannah Waddingham), who continues to torture her until she confesses to adultery with her cousin Lancel.

For fans who don't like Cersei, it might be satisfying to see someone finally break her. Walk of Shame is one of the most memorable and harrowing episodes of the series, and it wouldn't be as impactful without Unella ringing the bell and yelling "Shame" as Cersei walks naked down the street force. Despite her brutality, Unella is a strong character, and despite her limited screen time, she deserves recognition for her role.


Margaery (Natalie Dormer) is not a female warrior who wields a sword to kill her enemies, but an ambitious and powerful Lady of Highgarden who has mastered the art of manipulation. She was able to control the sadistic Joffrey, and after his death she managed to turn Tommen Baratheon in her favor, undermining Westeros' most powerful authority Woman, Cersei Lannister.

It is well known that only the shrewd and cunning survive the city of King's Landing, full of schemers and manipulators. Margaery, who learned the art of manipulation from her grandmother, proved herself a formidable player in this game. While Margaery's death in a wildfire explosion in Season 6 was tragic, she remains one of the epic fantasy franchise's greatest characters.

Meera Reed

When Hodor holds the gate against a horde of ghouls, Bran must rely on Meera (Ellie Kendrick) to get him to safety. After killing several ghouls and crushing a White Walker, Meera escaped the battle alive by pulling Bran on a cart. Despite losing her brother, she never stopped trying to bring Bran to safety.

Meera Reed pulls a crippled boy across the unforgiving North, a land of nightcrawlers, bandits, and many uncertainties. Without her bravery and the sacrifices of others, Brandon's story would have been over long ago. In a series full of heroic characters, it's easy to overlook or downplay Mira's accomplishments. However, this young hero from the Reed family is more worthy of Bran's appreciation and gratitude.


After being captured by Jon Snow, Ygritte (Rose Leslie) should be executed as a free man, but Jon can't do it. Raised by the noble Jon Snow, whom Ygritte tortured until the moment she took him into the wild to ambush, Jon Snow's story begins.

Ygritte may be a fan favorite, but compared to other active women in Game of Thrones, she is quickly forgotten. She's not just Jon Snow's lover, however; she's the main reason Jon Snow has grown into his natural-born leader. The red-haired warrior also helped him understand why the main threat was the nightcrawlers, not the wildlings. So, would Jon Snow have accomplished his mission if his path hadn't met her?


After Daenerys frees Missandei (Natalie Emmanuel), she finds a worthy servant and a loyal friend. Missandei, who was a slave, became a confidant of the Dragon Queen even if she was not sealed as the Hand of the Dragon Queen. Missandei also helped show audiences a more feminine and lovable side of Daenerys.

Missandei may be quiet, but she is stronger than many idea. She may not be the central figure, but it was her last words, "Dracarys," that unleashed Daenerys' Targaryen wrath in King's Landing. Only those with powerful influence can cause the destruction of King's Landing.

Mirri Maz Duur

After a severe wound leaves Drogo ill, Daenerys enlists the help of Mirri Mazdur (Mia Soterio) to heal him. With her blood magic and unconventional healing methods, the Dothraki warlord has taken on a life of her own. The question is, did Millie kill Drogo? She may not have been the only cause of his death, but she played a role in achieving his fitting end.

Causing Drogo's brain death may not be seen as heroic or even celebrated by many fans, as many end up falling in love with him. But from the perspective of this witch/healer, whose people were enslaved, murdered, and raped by the ruthless Dothraki tribe led by Khal Drogo, toppling their leader was a heroic act. Without the martyr's questionable role in the film, Drogo wouldn't have died, and Danny wouldn't have found his way alone.

Lyanna Mormont

Lyanna Mormont (Bella Ramsey), Lady of Bear Island, like the rest of House Mormont: brave, forthright, and Willing to fight for what you believe in. When the Northern Lords hesitated to support Jon Snow, Lyanna stepped forward and declared her full support for the King in the North.

Lyanna may have been just a young girl in a time when men held most of the power, but that didn't stop her from becoming a staunch defender of the North. Despite her diminutive stature, the young heroine was a fierce fighter until the very end and one of Game of Thrones' most underrated heroes.


Winterfell is under siege, and Osha (Natalia Tyner) is forced to lure Theon Greyjoy and the children to flee before they are killed. She leads them into the treacherous woods, hoping to keep them safe before Theon's search is over.

Osha deserves to be remembered for more than just a slave brutally murdered by Ramsay Bolton. She is also a brave wildling woman who gave her life, ultimately, to save her young master. Unfortunately, many may remember her as a victim of Ramsay's violence rather than the heroic figure she once was.

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