10 Shows Worth Watching If You Loved 'Emily in Paris' Season 3

Luckily, there are plenty of options to tide fans over ahead of "Emily in Paris" season 4.

Emily in Paris just released its third season, and fans could have watched it all in one day. Now they're sitting at home playing with their thumbs, wondering what to do while they wait for more of Lily Collins' lovely Emily and her adventures in the City of Love. Luckily, there are plenty of shows out right now that can tide fans over for a while.

Everyone loves three seasons of Netflix's hit series as it revolves around one woman's journey through work, love and life in a new city. So, with that in mind, the following showcases all the traits of a beautifully complex, humorous, and relevant female lead.

'The Great' (2020 -)

Described by Hulu as "anti-historical," The Great is a satirical dark comedy series about the life and rise to power of Catherine the Great (Elle Fanning). Young Catherine travels to Russia to marry Emperor Peter III (Nicholas Hoult), however, on their new nuptials, she focuses on a plot to kill her depraved and dangerous husband.

Focused on pure imitation of history, "The Great" is full of scenes from darkness to light. The sheer ability to turn an otherwise sad story of two people's dangerous marriage into humor Playing and recreating real events of history is genius.

'Girlboss' (2017)

Based loosely on the true story of Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso, Girlboss follows Sophia (Britt Robertson), a misfit, who discovers a love of fashion and develops into an unusual businesswoman. But as the company grew, she needed to learn how to be her own boss.

The most important thing is to continue with it, because this show has a lot more depth than it first appears. It starts by portraying itself as just another "weird" girls comedy, but by the end of the first episode, it dispels that notion while occasionally having fun and coming back.

'Broad City' (2014 - 2019)

The two BBFs, Abbi Abrams (Abbi Jacobson) and Ilana Wexler (Ilana Glazer), live together in New York City. Both are equally awkward, hysterical, and unsettling, and the duo take on countless adventures together and alone, leaving viewers cringing, laughing, and cringing at the same time.

Broad City is an inventive solid comedy, a fun classic. It has the three E's: energy, enthusiasm and entertainment.

'Derry Girls' (2018 - 2022)

This British teen sitcom follows 5 Derry, Ireland. In Derry, they all attend a Catholic high school for girls, Erin Quinn (Saoirse Monica Jackson), her cousin Ola (Louisa Harland), their friend Claire (Nicola Coughlan), Michelle (Jamie Lee O'Donnell), and Michelle's English cousin James (Dylan Llewellyn) are an odd bunch.

During the political turmoil and culture clashes of the 1990s in Ireland, the friends kept finding themselves in ridiculous situations. With quick gags and characters so likable, it's hard to pick a favorite, Derry Girls brings greatness to the long-loved British sitcom.

'Dynasty' (2017 - 2022)

Two of America's wealthiest families plot and compete with each other for control of the family fortune while attempting to manage the lives of their spoiled and dramatized children. Victorious, the icon behind Jade West, Liz Gillies, leads the show with her sickening performance as heiress and businesswoman Fallon Carrington. She definitely brings the drama that comes with luxury.

Based on the popular 1980s soap opera of the same name, Dynasty is a drama full of exaggerated characters and ludicrously large fortunes. With super confusing storylines and characters, viewers will never tire of this show.

'Love Life' (2020 - 2021)

Love life is An anthology series of romantic comedies about the transition from first love to true love, and how the people we meet along the way shape us when we finally settle down with someone. The show is full of relationships -- friendship, love, heartbreak -- and enough ups and downs to keep viewers entertained.

Darby (Anna Kendrick) appears in the first season after a brief courtship and breakup; in the second scene, Marcus (William Jackson Harper) takes center stage following his divorce.

'Fleabag' (2016 - 2019)

An outspoken woman audiences only know as "Flea" navigates London's dating scene and life while trying to cope with tragedy. Angry and devastated, Fleabag tries to overcome her difficulties. However, this caused her to reject all those around her who tried to help her. Through it all, she managed to maintain her charm and wit.

The series is based on Waller-2013 Bridge's The Bachelorette show of the same name, starring comedian Phoebe Waller-Bridge. A key element of the show is how the protagonists are almost constantly breaking the fourth wall to connect with the audience.

'High Fidelity' (2020)

Adapted from the novel of the same name by Nick Hornby Name, High Fidelity follows Rob's (Zoƫ Kravitz) life after yet another heartbreak. Rob, a record store owner in Brooklyn's rapidly gentrifying Crown Heights area, relives former loves through music and pop culture as she tries to move on from her true love.

She breaks the fourth wall and discusses her past failed relationships, five of which make up her 5 most memorable heartbreaks of all time. Each song is accompanied by a unique song, and the show is the perfect blend of comedy, acting and music.

'Sweetbitter' (2018 - 2019)

"Sweet Bitter" centers on Tess (Ella Purnell), a 22-year-old girl who, upon arriving in New York City, quickly finds work at a prominent downtown restaurant. Quickly drawn into a world of drugs, alcohol, love, lust, dive bars, and fine dining, she quickly learns how to survive the glamorous yet punishing life she's descended into.

Here, a young woman's coming-of-age story is depicted against the backdrop of the luxury and squalor of a fancy restaurant, emphasizing the possibility, beauty, and fragility of youth and adrift.

'2 Broke Girls' (2011 - 2017)

2 Broke Girls centers on two unlikely best friends in this delightful sitcom set in New York. Street-smart, sassy Max (Kat Dennings works two jobs to make ends meet, one of which is serving customers late at night at the retro-chic Williamsburg Diner. Uptown's trust fund princess, sophisticated Caroline (Beth Bears) is forced by a string of bad luck to try her hand at serving as a waitress.

At first, Caroline appears to be just another incompetent waitress that Max has to cover for, but Max is taken aback when she discovers that Caroline is as capable as she is. When Caroline learns of Max's talent for making exquisite cupcakes, she sees a bright future for them, but they must first raise the necessary funds.

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