10 Great Movies That Score Low on Rotten Tomatoes, According to Reddit

Looks like these movies aren't that bad after all.

Rotten Tomatoes is undoubtedly one of the most popular and trusted entertainment recommendation platforms in the world. The Tomatometer score represents the percentage of positive professional critic reviews, and is used to judge whether a movie is fresh or bad based on how well critics have received it.

Although the site is one of the favorites of many movie fans around the world and is generally considered one of the most reliable platforms for reviews, Reddit users have found that some movies deserve higher ratings on Rotten Tomatoes. From Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas to Jumanji, these are just some of the movies that Redditors think deserve fresh certification.

'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas' (1998) — 49%

Based on Hunter S. Thompson's 1971 novel of the same name, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is a 1998 dark comedy about eccentric reporter Raoul Duke (Johnny Depp) and his lawyer, Gonzo (Benicio del Toro), who travel to Las Vegas on a series of mind-blowing psychedelic adventures while binging on drugs.

The film, which highlighted the failings of the 1960s counterculture movement, gained widespread attention around the world; despite this, it still scored poorly on the platform. On Reddit, u/SomeBoxofSpoons said, “Las Vegas fear and loathing is currently at 49%. It’s at At least that makes more sense when you remember that this means the chosen critics are split equally.

'A Knight's Tale' (2001) — 59%

Starring the brilliant late Heath Ledger, The Knight's Tale follows William Thatcher, a peasant squire on his journey to win the heart of a maiden (Shannyn Sossamon) and become legend. Throughout the film, William tries to With the help of his friends (Mark Eddy, Paul Bettany, Alan Tudyk) discover the secret to cementing his legacy as a knight.

With a score of 6.9 on IMDb, it has no Authenticated. I love more than just "below 60% movies", it's one of my favorite movie periods. Too much for me to rewatch. Love it," u/Tato7x said.

'Hook' (1991) — 29%

After his children are kidnapped by the notorious pirate captain James Hooker (Dustin Hoffman), now-adult Peter Pan (Robin Williams) is forced to return to Neverland, Reconnecting with his inner magic and youth spirit. Peter must confront his foggy, bittersweet past when he returns to Neverland after leaving it unattended and giving up His friends for family life.

Redditors struggle to understand Hook's terribly low score: "Hook's 29% on Rotten Tomatoes is a crime," u/FreeLook93 said. "I'm not sure I'd say it's my favorite movie under 60 because I don't know the score for all the movies I like, but it's 29% ridiculous," u/ruiner8850​​ replied.

'The Life Aquatic' (2004) — 56%

Wes Anderson's The Life Aquatic follows oceanographer Steve Zissou (Bill Murray) as he plans revenge on a shark that kills a crew member. He assembles a new team that includes Ned (Owen Wilson), who believes Zissou is his father, and Jane (Cate Blanchett), a journalist who is pregnant with a married man. Together they embark on a sea adventure full of surprises.

When asked for their favorite Rotten Tomatoes score below 60%, the user who originally posted the question mentioned Aquatic Life as their own choice. U/DrRexMorman totally disagrees: "Unbelievable." In another comment, u/mp6521 says, "Life Aquatic is Wes Anderson's first three films."

'Constantine' (2005) — 46%

Focus on a supernatural exorcist and demons The scientist (Keanu Reeves) helps a detective (Rachel Weisz) prove that her devout Catholic sister's death was in, The fact that Constantine didn't commit suicide but something else, Constantine provides viewers with an interesting plot when John Constantine investigates Isabel's death and finds himself in direct conflict with Satan.

Out of 121 votes, u/Crispy747 said, "Constantine 46%. Hugely underrated, apparently because it's not as good as Matrix? I never saw it as a shooter either." u/bingybunny commented, "Teel Darth Winton and Peter Stormare really elevate this movie. It's one of Keanu's best performances. The Demon Kills ShialeBeouf. It's easily in my top 10 live-action comic book movies."

'Con Air' (1997) — 55%

Con Air follows Nicolas Cage's Cameron Poe, a newly paroled ex-con and former US Ranger who accidentally kills a drunk regular who frequents the bar where his wife (Monica Potter) works. Seven years after being sent to a federal prison, he returned to his family. Cameron, however, finds himself stranded on a prisoner-transfer plane with out-of-control criminals.

"Con Air is 55%," you/seafore said. Despite its low Rotten Tomatoes score, many consider the 1997 film to be one of the best action movies: "Con Air is a top movie. I'll fight anyone who disagrees," responded u/MusuokaMX.

'The Mighty Ducks' (1992) — 23%

Mighty Ducks centers on Gordon Bombay's (Emilio Estevez) community service following a DUI charge - he was ordered by a court to coach the worst youth hockey team in the league. Despite initial reluctance, throughout the film Gordon grows to love and respect the children (who eventually become known as "Ducks") and teaches them how to fight a good fight. ^U/Captain_-H posted one of the most popular comments (with 607 votes) on Reddit's discussion of great "bad" movies, and they certainly don't shy away from being skeptical about the film's Tomatometer score: "The Mighty Duck 23% Are you fucking kidding me?"

This parody of the original Star Wars trilogy focuses on galactic pilot Lonely Starr (Bill Pullman) and his sidekick Buff (John Candy) They must rescue Princess Vespa (Daphne Zuniga) while saving the planet Druidia from the evil Spaceballs.

'Spaceballs' (1987) — 56%

Even with an IMDb rating of 7.1 and a large global following, Spaceballs' The low score still did not meet the audience's expectations. u/Sub-Etha questioned the film's rating on Rotten Tomatoes: "Spaceballs. How about 56%?"

Starring Hayden Christensen, Samuel L. Jackson Rachel Bilson, Leaper revolves around a teenager who discovers he has the ability to teleport after a near-death experience. After eventually escaping to New York and using his talents to rob a bank, he attracts the attention of a gang of government hunters, including the villainous Roland Cox, who want to stop him from jumping.

'Jumper' (2008) — 15%

u/PJFohsw97a shared his favorite part of the movie, in response to u/depido, calling it a "guilty pleasure": "I love the part where Anakin teleports to the other side of the couch instead Just enough to get the TV remote. Also, how can he not remember how to unlock the front door during his first confrontation with Samuel L. Jackson's character." On Rotten Tomatoes, this movie sucks , with a score of 15%.

Based on the 1981 fantasy children's picture book, 1995's Jumanji was the blueprint for the board game movie genre, but received poor ratings on the platform. The film that inspired the most recent update to the franchise revolves around two kids (Kirsten Dunst and Bradley Pierce) who find a magical, unique board game and unexpectedly release a People who have been trapped in it for decades. for In order to free Alan (Robin Williams) for good, the two kids must win this dangerous race.

'Jumanji' (1995) — 52%

"Jumanji (1995) 52% crime," says u/shadownight311. "I honestly, without pandering, think this movie is outdated. It's charming and Williams is great," continued u/byneothername. "And making the new 76% is just ridiculous," concluded u/Ok-Author-6074.

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