10 Celebrities You Forgot to Star in Disney Channel Original Movies

From Kristen Stewart to Justin Timberlake.

Everyone remembers Zac Efron's breakout hit with High School Musical, or Disney Channel casting Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato ( Grammy-nominated singers like Demi Lovato take the stage, or Miley Cyrus takes the world by storm as Hannah Montana. But there are more than 100 Disney Channel original movies under the banner of this magical network, and they sometimes feature some unexpected famous characters.

Whether it was one of their earliest projects or just another addition to their resume, many major celebrities have appeared and starred in DCOM over the years, from some of the stars of Saturday Night Live to some-day superheroes in the MCU.

Debbie Reynolds – 'Halloweentown' (1998)

The legendary Debby Reynolds made guest appearances on everything from 1952's "Singin' in the Rain" to Will and Grace, Rugrats and Kim Possible show, and she also had a memorable stint in the DCOM film franchise.

Reynolds played Aggie Cromwell in Halloweentown, the grandmother to the Piper children who also doubles as the beloved witch in her magical, spooky town. The actor went on to reprise her lovable role in three subsequent sequels, Halloween II: Calabar's Revenge, Halloween Heights, and Return to Halloween.

Taran Killam – 'Stuck In The Suburbs' (2004)

Actor Taran Killam Best known for his six seasons on Saturday Night Live and as the other half of How I Met Your Mother and Avengers star Kobe Smulders. But long before the actor was one of those guys, he starred in a popular DCOM alongside some other big names.

Killam played a megalomaniac pop star named Jordan Cahill in Stuck in the Suburbs, who accidentally befriends two of his biggest after he and Panabaker's fangirl character end up swapping phones. The Fan - Played by Brenda Song and Danielle Panabaker.

Brie Larson – 'Right On Track' (2003)

Although actress Brie Larson began her career at the age of 9, it wasn't until 2019 that actress Brie Larson hit the headlines as Marvel's newest superhero, Captain Marvel, starring in four films And count votes for movie franchises. But long before joining the MCU, the actor who played Carol Danvers appeared on the Disney Channel.

Larson starred alongside 7th Heaven alum Beverly Mitchell in Right on Track, a 2003 DCOM adaptation of a true story about two sisters in a competition known as "man's sport". was successful in racing and won a national drag racing championship as a teenager.

Tim Meadows – 'The Even Stevens Movie' (2003)

Tim Meadows' long and impressive career from Mean Girls to the Goldbergs to becoming a One of the longest-serving cast members on Saturday Night Live. In between, the actor was featured in the unforgettable DCOM.

Meadows played Miles McDermott in The Even Stevens Movie, the accompanying DCOM of the Disney Channel sitcom Even Stevens, which follows the Stevens family on a vacation to paradise where everything that can go wrong can go wrong, but Miles is One of the few people who have a secret surprise.

Kristen Stewart – 'The Thirteenth Year' (1999)

Kristen Stewart rose to fame in 2008 when she played the beloved book character Bella Swan in the Twilight Saga, but her time as a vampire was far behind Not her first acting gig, starting with her first role in a Disney Channel original film.

Stewart began her acting career in a small non-speaking role in Thirteen Years in 1999 , the film about a boy who begins to grow scales and fins on his 13th birthday and learns of his mermaid heritage. Stewart's character is known as the Girl in the Fountain Line, although she doesn't appear in the film.

Katey Sagal – 'Smart House' (1999)

Katey Sagal is called a different character by each generation; Peggy Bundy on being married...with kids, Rilla on Futurama, Louise At The Connors and more. But to millennials, the Sagar may well simply be called the smart home.

The actor played Pat, the face of a computerized house, in 1999's DCOM Smart House, opposite DCOM alum Ryan Merriman in Life Long Before Alexa.

America Ferrera – 'Gotta Kick It Up!' (2002)

America Ferrera got her biggest break after four seasons on ABC's Ugly Betty, and later on NBC's Starring in his Superstore, he won new fans. But the actor's first role came on the Disney Channel in the 2002 film Gotta Kick It Up!

Ferreira stars as Yoli in this film about a group of young Latino girls who, after convincing a new teacher to mentor them, learn to overcome social barriers and learn the rhythms of their roots with the help of a dance team.

Bryan Cranston – 'Twas The Night' (2001)

Despite his notable career, Bryan Cranston was revived in 2008 after starring in AMC's Breaking Bad. But one of the actor's lesser-known works came in the form of Christmas 2001 DCOM.

Cranston Play the lead role as Uncle Nick in Twas the Night, about an irresponsible uncle and his young, mischievous niece and nephew for a ride in Santa's sleigh, only to inadvertently jeopardize Christmas when they decide to give all the presents, And Uncle Nick has no ulterior motives of trying to work Santa Claus.

Mickey Rooney – 'Phantom Of The Megaplex' (2000)

Mickey Rooney's long and dynamic career spanned television, film, silent films, stop-motion holiday specials, Broadway, and more. But you might not remember that one of his hundreds of credits was a role in DCOM.

The Phantom of the Giant Plaza, which premiered on Disney Channel in 2000, tells the story of a young movie theater employee who discovers a phantom that may be haunting his workplace at a special movie premiere when strange things happen and he Colleagues began disappearing, including Rooney's elderly character in the movie Mason.

Justin Timberlake – 'Model Behavior' (2000)

Whether you know him as the "SexyBack" pop star or one-fifth of '90s boy band NSYNC, you've probably heard Justin Timberlake's voice. But many may not know that the singer is also an actor, and one of his earliest roles was as a model.

although not Technically, the model act aired as part of DCOM as part of ABC's The Wonderful World of Disney - and later aired on the Disney Channel - following a geek girl and a popular model whose similar looks allow them to swap location, causing some unexpected and unfortunate roles for Timberlake's male model, Jason.

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