10 Badass Kids From Horror TV Shows, Ranked

Bullying or acne are the least of these kids' worries.

From Rick Grimes to Chucky himself, horror TV may be full of badass adults, but what about the kids? In the age of the ever-mysterious Riverdale and Stephen King's It revivals, horror series centered on a group of kids are all the rage.

But not every frightened child is a villain; that title is reserved only for those who stand up against evil villains and lead the pack to survive whatever monsters they fight. From a post-apocalyptic brother-sister duo to Netflix's latest heroine, these bad boys are usually terrified to save the day.

10/10 Hershel Rhee ('The Walking Dead')

It's not easy being born in a zombie apocalypse, especially when your mom is filled with grief and resentment for the man who brutally killed your father. But Maggie and the late Glenn's youngest son on The Walking Dead proved to be just like his parents.

Hershel Rhee, named after his late grandfather, may still have a lot to learn in his walker combat training with Judith, but when he comes face to face with the man who killed his father, Hershel shows that the only thing he can Confidence to do it from his mom When he puts Negan in his place.

9/10 Lexy Cross ('Chucky')

Lexy Cross started Chucky season 1 as the show's iconic mean girl, but as time went on and the killer dolls went on a rampage, Alyvia Alyn Lind's character went from The One You Wish You Killed to the One You Always Hope the one that survived.

Although she initially bullied Jack and his boyfriend Devin, when she brought down Chucky with the two boys, their teenage fears were tempered, and she always went out of her way to protect her Little Sister - even if it means destroying the one she loves. Good Guy doll makes multiple appearances.

8/10 Claudia ('Interview With The Vampire')

Claudia may have been five years old in Anne Rice's novel Interview with the Vampire, but in the 2022 AMC series, she is an adult trapped in the body of a 14-year-old Actor Bailey Bass plays. A teenage Claudia allows the show to make the character worse than when she was only five years old.

Claudia is the daughter figure of Louis and Lester, who was turned into a vampire by Lester during a house fire to save her life. Although she looks young and innocent, Claudia turns out to be an unexpected opponent Throughout the series, the vampire duo are fearless hunters.

7/10 Jake Wheeler ('Chucky')

At the beginning of Chucky, Jack Wheeler (Zachary Arthur) is a shy, quiet, reclusive teenage boy who collects dolls and misses his distant crush. But as the season progressed, Jack also became the famous leader of his small but mighty group of friends.

Jack had many bad moments in the show's two seasons - from being proudly gay and outrageously loving Devonshire to killing Chucky with his bare hands - but the most important thing Jack did was make himself love him family and was loved by the family he loved.

6/10 Sabrina Spellman ('The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina')

All the main kids have their badass moments in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina - from Theo's groundbreaking coming out as trans, to Rhodes' vehement opposition to genre blindness - but the titular Character is the most important thing. Sabrina Spellman (Kiernan Shipka) is a teenage witch who's fearless and sassy.

As Sabrina balances harnessing her witchcraft and experiencing the life of a teenage girl, her worst moment comes in season 1 when she summons hellfire to burn down Thirteen Greendale, one of only three other Something only a witch can do.

5/10 Carl Grimes ('The Walking Dead')

In previous seasons of The Walking Dead, Rick's son Carl (Chandler Riggs) was the most famous kid in the group, learning at an early age how to fight the walking dead and how to take on human villains. He might not always do what his dad says he does, but this character grew up in the apocalypse and is just as strong as his dad.

But the most badass and heartbreaking thing Carl ever did was having the strength to end his life before he succumbed to the toddler bite. Even in his final moments, Carl told his father that he dreamed of a world where he and his nemesis, Negan, would live in harmony before his devastating death.

4/10 Eddie Munson ('Stranger Things')

Eddie started off as an erratic character on Stranger Things season 4, and went on to become one of the most popular characters in the show's history. Teenager Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn) debuted as an unflappable Dungeons & Dragons master, but ended up being one of the season's worst characters.

In order to save his new friend, Eddie decides to prove to himself and others that he is not a coward, he is in The Upside Down, seduces them with Metallica rock band "Master of Puppets," and finally succumbs to his wounds in the arms of his best friend Dustin.

3/10 Wednesday Addams ('Wednesday')

Everyone's favorite newest TV character is without a doubt Wednesday Adams from Netflix's Wednesday. A dark twist on the Disney Channel era of Jenna Ortega, the titular teen character who turns bad guys into bad guys.

Without an iota of guilt or regret, Wednesday does whatever she wants while maintaining her apathetic self throughout the series' first season, sending the already abandoned kid to a private school as punishment. But when a mysterious murder rocks her new town, Wednesday moves when no one else can to try to solve the problem.

2/10 Judith Grimes ('The Walking Dead')

If you think Rick and Lori's son is a badass, he doesn't know anything about their daughter Judith. Born and raised in the apocalypse, Judith, Walker is everything Judith has ever known, but she quickly proves that she has what it takes to be a leader like her father.

Judith trains the other children how to kill the walking dead, and forms an inseparable bond with characters like Darryl and Maggie, who raised her when her parents couldn't. Whether fighting villains or saving In the lives of her friends, Judith is arguably the worst kid on The Walking Dead.

1/10 Eleven ('Stranger Things')

Stranger Things is mostly made up of a group of kids, but none quite like Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown). This young man with psychomotor abilities is special for many reasons, but most importantly she has learned how to love and care for her friends and family and protect them at all costs.

Eleven seems to do something bad every season, from sacrificing herself for her friends to often saving their lives, and this heroine is the villain every little girl should look up to.

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